• Personal Training


This is the most private, personalized and confidential session.

  • Small Group Training

$40/hour/person for two people

$30/hour/person for three people

$20/hour/person for four to nine people

The best of both worlds: camaraderie paired with semi-personalized service.

  • Large Group Training

$20/hour/person for ten or more people

This is the best way to stay motivated and make friends.

  • Health + Fitness Party

$100 for up to two hours of fun and games for groups, families, organizations, boy scouts, girl scouts, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Please give two weeks notice with your plans.

Provide something new, healthy and exciting for your loved ones and guests.

  • Corporate Health and Wellness

$100 for up to an hour session per week, includes individual consultations and health risk assessments. You may also sign up for the group rate training prices after the consultations and assessments are completed.

A healthy workforce is a happy and more productive workforce.

Contact me today to decrease worker’s compensation claims, increase productivity and improve morale.

  • Gift Certificates

Give the best gift available: health and wellness for your loved ones, available in any amount over five dollars. Contact me today for your loved ones’ health and wellness gifts of a lifetime. I mail the certificates, with your message and dollar amount, to each of your address choices, after your payment clears. Thank you.


* There is a 50% cancellation fee of the rate posted if you do not give 24 hours notice prior to scheduled appointment time.

*Trainer is available weather/road conditions/health permitting, by appointment.

*Long distance consultations are available at the same rates posted, through phone, email and texting. You will receive the same quality of personal training during physical, social distancing regulations.

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