Stretch For Relief From Cramps

Do you get cramps, charlie horses or have other musculoskeletal pain?

A quick and lasting relief could be as simple as doing your stretching routine… daily.

You also need to stick with a shorter exercise program and only do what your body is trained to handle. Overdoing exercise, long and intense, when you are not ready for it, yet, will cause cramping. This is what many know as the weekend warrior.

The reason your muscles cramp is because they are not fully relaxed. Think of a rubber band that is held with slight tension applied. That is what happens to your muscles when you do not stretch daily…your muscle is under constant tension.

Now, think about a rubber band that is resting on a surface. It is fully relaxed and safe. That is what your muscles do when you stretch daily. You train the muscle to be relaxed. Stretching daily trains your muscle to be relaxed in a lengthened state which is even better. Just stay in a safe range.

Another way to look at it is to think of shock absorbers. Stretching trains your muscles to remain lengthened and strong enough to control contractions and relaxation simultaneously so you are able to move smoothly.

We get into trouble when our untrained muscles are being protected by other systems firing…the muscle spindle and golgi tendon organ. This is so we are protected from pulls and tears. In the mean time, pain can ensue. There is a much more detailed and scientific explanation, of course; but, you get the idea.

Please remember one of my many mantras: pain is your reminder to stretch. Now, just remember how to do your stretches carefully and slowly…daily, for best results. Give yourself time for the lasting effect.

Also, please remember to continue your healthy nutrition choices: water, fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, healthy fats and your doctors’ instructions.

More than food and stretching, is to be sure you let your body rest and recover during proper sleep habits, as well.

Bottom line is to stretch daily, do what you are trained and able to handle and follow your healthy lifestyle program as much as possible.

Best of health to you and good bye.

image from unsplash.