Ask NAPS 2 B Fit for Your Personal ASC

ASC is your Answer, Solution and Cure.

It is with strict individualization that you will find your answer, solution and cure to whatever ails you and has you walking in circles wondering what to do and where to go next.

Helping you find your answers to reach your health goals is the reason I love doing what I do: Personal Training, Health Coaching and Group Fitness Instruction.

All the general hints, tips and recommendations out there work for some, but not for all of us. How do I know? It is my job to know. I use my training and observational skills to see what is working and what can use tweaking.

Okay, some honesty here, I personally have tried many, many of the same hints, tips and tricks for the past forty years: newspapers, magazines, television news, television commercials, infomercials, well meaning advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry, this diet, that nutrition plan, sports coach advice, etc, etc, etc…

Yes, tweaking gets results. We are all human, essentially the same, but, different. At the same time, we are all essentially different, but, the same. See the difference? It is a small difference, but, there none the less.

Not to mention, we all have different needs, wants, goals, hobbies, careers and lifestyles. With that said, we all have our overuse injuries, per se, due to our body positions in order to accomplish our tasks for the day.

This is where and when I am in my element: figuring out what you need to do to have your personal ASC: answer, solution and cure to reach your goals.

People ask me all the time how I stay in shape, where I get all my energy and why I am always so happy.

The answer is: I have my own Personal Answer Solution Cure (ASC) from Personal Trainer ~ NAPS 2 B Fit who loves Health Coaching. How great and fun is that? I truly wish the same for you.

Best of health to you and good bye.

image from: unsplash.