MORE DOs-Do Take Your Time

Please be sure to include your warm up and cool down. Remember to take your time during your warm up and cool down.

To stay safe and healthy, perform your warm up for five to ten minutes before engaging in your more intense activity. This will prepare your body for the strength and cardiovascular sessions. A proper warm up protects your ligaments, muscles, tendons, and will even make you stronger during your workout session.

A proper cool down should also last up to ten minutes, if not longer. This will protect your vascular and musculoskeletal systems while you gain more from your stretching routine. Lengthen slowly and mindfully within your comfort range to remain safe and healthy.

Take your time. Move slowly and gently to remain safe and healthy.

Do it right the first time so you can come back to another routine next time. Do things properly so you are able to get on with the rest of your day.

The real reason for doing your workout in the first place is to make your workday easier, right?

Best of health to you and good-bye.

image by Natalie~Personal Trainer~NAPS 2 B Fit~Health Coach.