Aerobics Trainer Says “Remember to Breathe”


What? Really? How silly is that? I always breathe and have never forgotten to breathe.

That was in my twenties.

Oh dear, I have been catching myself holding my breath lately and I am not swimming at the moment. What? Really? Yes! How silly is that? Why?

“Remember to breathe” turns out to be sound advice. I know it sounds silly; but, there is truth to this. Many people have asked me how to not hold their breath; so, I see that this phenomena is on going throughout life.

Instead of concentrating so hard on the task at hand, start concentrating on your breath. I am sure all the yogis are jumping for joy right now.

How do you feel? What do you feel? Breathe consciously as often as you can and especially in your quiet time. I am positive you will feel better with all that oxygen flowing through your system.

Remember to breathe deeply, too. That is another lesson for another day.

I wish you the best of health. Good-bye.

(photo by yours truly, Natalie of NAPS 2 B Fit)

Author: Natalie

Premium Personal Trainer Service: ACE certified Personal Trainer, Health/Wellness/Life Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor, specializing in Youth, Youth Fitness, Older Adult, Orthopedic Exercise, Weight Management, Fitness Nutrition, Behavior Change and Jump Rope.

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