Archaic Methods Work

I prefer the tried and true aka archaic (via daily prompt)

0529181049.jpg watch notepad pen on dictionary by NAPS May 2018

Call me old-fashioned, that is fine, I am able to do what I want, where and when I want; because, I actually prefer the less modern tools compared to today’s high-speed, fast turnover, updating technological devices. Look around, people are returning to ways of the past with maybe a modern twist.

You are lucky I did not print the photo in black and white; I do not want to startle you too much, leading you to buying a new cell phone only to find later that the image is meant to be black and white. You are welcome. 🙂

A wind up watch, paper and pen, dictionary and other books read by daylight: that puts me in zen mode. No batteries, electric or other man-made power source is needed; so, I am able to think at my own pace without white noise, only the calming effect of nature to inspire me. Look, isn’t this the true green way to do things anyway?

I recycle, use recycled and store up what may have another use later on. Yes, it is true, just ask my husband who must step around all the: “I may need it someday” items. Who doesn’t love finding a beautiful used book at the library for a quarter, to take home as your very own? Junk you call it? Guess what? I fix my “junk” with my “junk.” 🙂

I enjoy modern tech just as much as the next guy; but, I like to fall back on my zen mode items to stay grounded and truly happy. I am able to recognize what my body tells me without the high-tech activity tracker. This is huge for taking care of myself, and you, the best way; especially, since the trackers on your wrist, chest and exercise equipment are for comparative purposes only, not to provide exact hard evidence.

Do what you enjoy; cell phones, computers and trackers have saved lives; but, I am not archaic, I am me. Be who you are and true to yourself; that is when you start reaching the results you want.

Best of health to you and good-bye for now.

(image by Natalie aka NAPS 2 B Fit)


Author: Natalie

Premium Personal Trainer Service: ACE certified Personal Trainer, Health/Wellness/Life Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor, specializing in Youth, Youth Fitness, Older Adult, Orthopedic Exercise, Weight Management, Fitness Nutrition, Behavior Change and Jump Rope.

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