Happy Earth Day

Lower your carbon footprint and get your exercise at the same time.

I take to this idea like a duck… or two… to water. I was raised to always conserve whenever and wherever possible. Thank you Daddy and Mommy.

I like to bicycle, walk, kayak, carpool, hang laundry, take the stairs instead of an elevator, use hand tools and public transportation, etc. All this NEAT activity gets me into the fresh spring air with a tinge of cool mist under today’s drizzling sunny sky.

NEAT is the acronym for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This type of activity burns calories throughout the day, other than sleeping, eating and playing sports. How neat is that? Are you double thinking using the remotes for the tv, lights, car, and around the rest of your “smart house?” Yes? Good.

We also recycle, clean up the roadside and reuse what someone else may call “trash.” The trash may not be a treasure; but, it still has plenty of worthwhile use left. We also get to use our imaginations by thinking outside the box, which is great for brain health…another benefit.

What NEAT ways do you like to help protect our mother earth?…as well as yourself? We are all in this together and more than just a link in the food chain.

Best of health to you and goodbye.

image: Natalie~Personal Trainer~NAPS 2 B Fit.


Archaic Methods Work

I prefer the tried and true aka archaic (via daily prompt)

0529181049.jpg watch notepad pen on dictionary by NAPS May 2018

Call me old-fashioned, that is fine, I am able to do what I want, where and when I want; because, I actually prefer the less modern tools compared to today’s high-speed, fast turnover, updating technological devices. Look around, people are returning to ways of the past with maybe a modern twist.

You are lucky I did not print the photo in black and white; I do not want to startle you too much, leading you to buying a new cell phone only to find later that the image is meant to be black and white. You are welcome. 🙂

A wind up watch, paper and pen, dictionary and other books read by daylight: that puts me in zen mode. No batteries, electric or other man-made power source is needed; so, I am able to think at my own pace without white noise, only the calming effect of nature to inspire me. Look, isn’t this the true green way to do things anyway?

I recycle, use recycled and store up what may have another use later on. Yes, it is true, just ask my husband who must step around all the: “I may need it someday” items. Who doesn’t love finding a beautiful used book at the library for a quarter, to take home as your very own? Junk you call it? Guess what? I fix my “junk” with my “junk.” 🙂

I enjoy modern tech just as much as the next guy; but, I like to fall back on my zen mode items to stay grounded and truly happy. I am able to recognize what my body tells me without the high-tech activity tracker. This is huge for taking care of myself, and you, the best way; especially, since the trackers on your wrist, chest and exercise equipment are for comparative purposes only, not to provide exact hard evidence.

Do what you enjoy; cell phones, computers and trackers have saved lives; but, I am not archaic, I am me. Be who you are and true to yourself; that is when you start reaching the results you want.

Best of health to you and good-bye for now.

(image by Natalie aka NAPS 2 B Fit)